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The best ingredients for the Gnollhof kitchen from South Tyrol

Whether sweet and fruity wild berries, herbs or mushrooms, local eggs or meat, and wholemeal bread, we can consider ourselves lucky. That is because products of the highest quality are produced in South Tyrol. Sustainable cultivation, species-appropriate husbandry, and traditional production methods bear witness to the producers' great appreciation for the product. We are pleased to offer our discerning guests a taste of this within the range of our luxury board. Seasonality, traceability, and short transport routes determine the choice of ingredients for the diverse Gnollhof cuisine. Much comes from local farmers and producers, like these select specialities.

South Tyrolean ‘Speck’

South Tyrolean ‘Speck’ is a slightly smoked raw ham. The art of bacon production has been passed down from generation to generation whereby the recipe used for seasoning is a closely guarded secret. We obtain our Speck from the Ploner butchery in Lajen.

Wholemeal bread

Bread from the Überbacher bakery in Lajen is baked from the best grain and according to traditional methods. Only natural ingredients such as flour, water, salt, yeast, sourdough, and spices are used. Preservatives and other additives are taboo.

Natural honey

Only genuine South Tyrolean honey is put on our bread. This honey is characterised by its variety of flavours. Our beekeeper, Werner Runggaldier, from Lajen ensures that the honey is treated properly and carefully. The honey is natural, rich in natural active ingredients, and free of additives.

Natural cloudy apple juice

Our naturally cloudy apple juice from our own farm tastes delicious and has few calories. Only hand-picked apples from our own farm are used for this healthy natural drink. It contains no added sugar, water, or preservatives and is rich in grape and fruit sugar, minerals, and salts.

Coffee from South Tyrol

Roasted fresh coffee from Völs am Schlern: A difference you can smell and taste. Valentin Hofer, roasting master and first coffee sommelier in Italy, runs the Caroma roasting plant and supplies us with his excellent coffee. That is the basis for our delicious coffee specialities.


Award-winning gin

Twenty-four select herbs from the Dolomites, elderberries, and lemons from Lake Garda. The Dol Gin from the distillery Zu Plun in Völs am Schlern is the first gin distilled in the Dolomites. It delights connoisseurs with its unique aroma.


South Tyrolean grappa

Only the pulp from our own grapes is used for the first-class grappa of the Fischerhof Distillery. The various grappas such as Muskateller, Lagrein, or Sauvignon are characterised by traditional production and guaranteed quality.


Time out?
Feel the refreshingly cool air of the morning.
Head out and experience nature.
Then rest, relax, and enjoy the moment.
Feel weightless in the face of the mountains.
Enticing flavours, beautifully served.
Start the evening right, with an aperitif.
A winter morning full of promise.
Skiing or winter hiking. Both are possible!
A desire to capture the moment.
Soothing warmth, breathtaking views.
Moments of pleasure by the crackling fireplace.
Regional products meet zeitgeist.