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Hotel Gnollhof
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What our guests say about us

Praise: As a host, one can hardly expect anything more delightful. When satisfaction turns into sheer enthusiasm, when all expectations are exceeded. We are particularly pleased when one visit leads to several. Guests return again and again, or recommend us to others, because they prefer it here than anywhere else. Their trust and loyalty encourage us to implement plans and to develop as entrepreneurs and employers. The following praise from our guests shows us that the Gnollhof is more than just a hotel for them.

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The special family atmosphere is extremely beneficial, which is also reflected through the selection and commitment of the staff. The collaboration between family and staff members presents a harmonious and therefore, beneficial unity, thus creating OUR relaxing time.
After decades of recurring holiday pleasures, the Gnollhof has developed into a PLACE OF YEARNING for us.

(Hartwig and Elisabeth Sock)

It is the many small pleasantries and the attention that make the stay in your hotel so pleasant… Cleaning staff: I greet the lady in the corridor from the back. She stops for a moment, turns around, smiles very kindly, and greets back – not only once. Service staff: They open the door to the terrace without being asked so that we can drink a cappuccino or Spritz aperitif on the terrace. I could give many more examples.

(Reinhard Broda)

The Gnollhof is an absolute dream if you value relaxation, good food, sport activities, and a great atmosphere.

Hotel Gnollhof

What staff at the Gnollhof appreciate

At this point, we are pleased to publish some ‘declarations of love’ from our employees. Some have appreciated the Gnollhof as an employer for many years; others are new. Everyone supports the team with their individual personality. However, certain abilities and values unite them all: heartfelt commitment, appreciation for a natural retreat, and regarding oneself as a host, too. Every day they show us their trust through their cooperation and help to shape the Gnollhof as a place of relaxation for our guests.

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Annemarie – Housekeeper and Decorator

With a love for detail, everything has its place here. It’s nice to be able to give free rein to my creativity in beautifying the hotel.

Bernhard – Service Manager

I have been working at Gnollhof for over ten years. Working with the guests still gives me great satisfaction. To see them smile when I spoil them with attentive and first-class service, that is what I do my best for. 

Ivan – Chef

I can enjoy my creativity and passion for good food to the fullest here.

Giorgia - Reception

I love my work at the reception: the familiar working atmosphere, many regular guests and the friendly tone, in the middle of nature! Joy, smiles and good humour are always there. It is my desire to make our guests' stay unforgettable.

Anja - Barkeeping

For a few years now, I have been allowed to be a part of the Gnollhof! I love my job. I am grateful to be able to spoil many nice guests and bring them joy!

Medali - Barkeeping

Fortunately, I applied for a job at the Hotel Gnollhof years ago. Since then, I ca do a job that give me great pleasure!

A living culture of service coming from the heart

A living culture of service coming from the heart

A living culture of service coming from the heart

A living culture of service coming from the heart

Time out?
Feel the refreshingly cool air of the morning.
Head out and experience nature.
Then rest, relax, and enjoy the moment.
Feel weightless in the face of the mountains.
Start the evening right, with an aperitif.
Enticing flavours, beautifully served.
A winter morning full of promise.
Skiing or winter hiking. Both are possible!
A desire to capture the moment.
Soothing warmth, breathtaking views.
Moments of pleasure by the crackling fireplace.
Regional products meet zeitgeist.

We are back for you....

 We are open
and we are very happy to be here for you!

We are pleased to confirm that we are offering you free-of-charge cancellation:

 14 days before arrival for Corona-related reasons you can cancel your holiday free of charge in the Corona case (ONLY IN THE CORONA CASE*). With a positive test of the people who are travelling, you can cancel the booking at the last minute.

*If the borders should close, if your country or ours is classified as a high-risk area, if you become infected with the Coronavirus, and in the case of any similar corona-related difficulties, a cancellation policy shall apply to your booking agreement on both your part and ours. No cancellation fees will be charged. 

You can find the most important information on your entry and stay here.