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Be spoilt with specialities from South Tyrol

As an inn with a long history, gastronomy plays an important role at the Gnollhof. None other than Chef Peter Verginer is responsible for the culinary offer. A well-rehearsed team of young, capable chefs helps him put his ideas into practice. The South Tyrolean cuisine proves to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration: dumplings in all variations, 'Schlutzkrapfen', and desserts. Newly-interpreted traditional recipes and products from the region are served and prepared according to the latest standards.

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Delicious farm products for breakfast

In the morning, the breakfast buffet offers all kinds of healthy food to wake up. Eggs from South Tyrol, milk from local cows, and oven-fresh bread from the village baker entice every late riser out of bed. The same goes for first-class sausage specialities, Alpine cheese, and vitamin-rich, freshly squeezed juices. And if you’re still not feeling up to it, you will be after a cup of our exquisite coffee from the “Original Italian” brand.

A light midday snack

For all time-out guests who prefer to relax during the day at the panoramic pool or on the lawn, a small Gnollhof midday snack is waiting for you. The soup of the day, warm starters, and a colourful salad buffet with various dressings are ready and waiting. Or, you can choose between various cold starters.

An enjoyable time from morning to night

At the crossroads of cultures, the cuisine at Gnollhof lives from contrasts. Alpine spice alternates with Mediterranean lightness; delicious farm products with delicacies from the south. The ¾ luxury board at Gnollhof promises a variety of Alpine Mediterranean temptations.

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A festive and exclusive dinner

In the evening, the menus make their grand entrance. What was skilfully and passionately prepared behind the scenes during the day can now be served with a smile. Diverse courses are served on the lovingly laid table in an almost festive manner. Local specialities dance with Mediterranean creations, game meets fish, homemade pasta on fresh herbs. Experience finely-tuned aromas with a good glass of wine and a fine meal on your plate to tantalise the palate. A feast for lovers of South Tyrol.

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Authentic and sincere, regional and international: we take interest in the origin of our ingredients, sourcing most of them from our local suppliers.
Time out?
Feel the refreshingly cool air of the morning.
Head out and experience nature.
Then rest, relax, and enjoy the moment.
Feel weightless in the face of the mountains.
Start the evening right, with an aperitif.
Enticing flavours, beautifully served.
A winter morning full of promise.
Skiing or winter hiking. Both are possible!
A desire to capture the moment.
Soothing warmth, breathtaking views.
Moments of pleasure by the crackling fireplace.
Regional products meet zeitgeist.

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